In recent years, a number of the Welsh Orchid Festival’s regular and loyal orchid traders and nurserymen, such as ABC Orchids, Pazuzu Extreme Flora and Chantelle Orchids, have emigrated, retired or else stopped trading. Indeed, there are now so few orchid nurseries left in the UK that ensuring a quality line-up for you has become increasingly difficult. But then, we always knew it would, and quite enjoy the challenge! So, when Ray Creek and Trey Sanders told us last September that they wouldn’t be with us for 2018, we knew immediately that replacing them would be difficult and set about it at once. It is now my pleasure to report that we have been able to find new and exciting stalls to make up this deficit and to announce that this year’s Festival will be even more diverse than ever, with many mature specimen orchid species (some seldom seen in the UK) imported from the continent, as well as other botanically interesting plants for both the home and greenhouse, such as carnivorous plants, bromeliads, cacti and orchid-companion plants. In short, something for everyone. Moreover, once more, Nick Hinton will be offering logs, bark rafts and branches already fully planted with orchids and other epiphytes, so that those with the space can take home a replica piece of a Monteverde rain-forest, fully and authentically planted with species that occupy that particular ecological niche.  Apart from the usual excellent orchid stands, you might also pick up a bargain on one of the amateur stands. This year, a local grower who doesn’t intend growing orchids in his retirement, will be joining us to sell his collection of many years standing. So there’s every possibility that you might find something unusual and no longer available at UK nurseries.  Shortly, a full list of stall-holders will appear on this site, together with the timetable of talks and lectures, so that you can plan your visit in advance. In the meantime, we at OSG look forward once more to the Festival, the only one of its kind in Wales, and to welcoming you, confident that those who have supported us since the Festival’s inception, whether local or from further afield, as well as those attending for the very first time, will not be disappointed by our efforts.

Dr. Kevin L. Davies (OSG Chairman)